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About Us goes straight to the buyers.

Our  policy  is to  provide the  convenience of
buying brand name high quality bedding products
for the working class and professionals whom do
not have time to do physical shopping and enjoy
buying on the internet with full products information. will continue to expand exisiting
collections through careful selection.  Visit us often!

Our Principles of Doing Business

Principle One : We do everything we can to made our products and services better.

Principle Two : We price our products fairly and honestly.  We do not, have   not, and  will not participate in the retailing practice of inflating mark-ups to set up future phony sale.

Principle Three : We are able to sell lower prices because  we  have eliminated high  overhead as normal retail incurred.

Principle Four : We stand behind our products with comprehensive after sales service. Our staffs are trained to know our products and is friendly and helpful.

Principle Five : We delivery our products faster - our office, not the delivery company, confirm your order within two business days and delivers according to your schedule.

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