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New Age Cotton Mattress 

4" - For people who wants a flexible sleeping solution and ultimate straight spine support. Quite comfortable while totally easily foldable.

5.5" - Great comfort still foldable !

6" - Great comfort for use on bed frame with slack, soft and firm.

8" - For people who demands higher comfort as a healthy permanent mattress use.



2. Cover (White)

3. Pillow Cases (White)
4. Hypo Pillow


FUTON (Shikibuton) is the Japanese word for bed roll.   It is made of natural cotton fill giving a firm and comfortable support for the perfect rest.   It can be used on a variety of bed bases, acting like a sofa bed, or even lay straight on the floor as Japanese style of Tatami.

Sleeping on a bed of pure cotton makes senses.  Cotton gives natural orthopedic support.  It keeps your body warm in the winter while it allows the best breathing for your body in the summer time.

Unlike foam, cotton will not deform due to aging so it's super healthy for spine for you, your children or your parents for long term terms.


Cotton mattress is an Eco Friendly natural product and sound to use for yourself and your children.

No bed is as accommodating as Futon - you can sleep, sit, rest on the futon as free as you like.  When you are done with it, you simply roll it over and store in your wardrobe.  It last as long as a good quality mattress and needs minimal care.

Use with:
Tatami - Tatami poster bed - Tatami ZabutonJapanese mattress - Shoji Screen - Shoji Lamp  - Silk Comforter .

Price List
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~ Thick Cotton Cover ~
~ 100% Cotton ~ 
~ Soft but Firm ~
* Your Natural Healthy Comfy Choice *

Traditional Japanese Style Natural 100% Cotton Futon Mattress  
4 inches Futon
+ Cover + Pillowcases Hypo Pillow  Guest Combo
Size Promotion
2'6"x6'0" (76x183 / 190cm) Bunk Bed HK$2980/3050
3'0"x6'0" (92x183 / 190 / 200cm) Single HK$3,080/3,180/3,340
4'0"x6'0" (122x183 / 190cm) Double HK$3,680/3,880
4'6"x6'3" (137x190cm) L Double HK$4,340
5'0x6'6"(152x198cm) Queen HK$4,640
6'0"x6'6" (182x198cm) King HK$4,940
Offer till last and subject to change without prior notice.
  • 100% cotton no chemical for healthy long term use for yourself and kids
  • fully rolled up or 4-fold for easy storage in cupboards
  • suitable for all kinds of frame: Bed, Tatami, Sofa Bed, even Floor!

Normal delivery in 72 hrs (all items are stock in HK).
Urgent request possible our fastest in 3 hrs to Central
(surcharge apply)
Booking on specific date and time frame available :)

3% min apply delivery available to most city areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and N. T.;  Island areas require special arrangement. 
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