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White Goose Down Duvet

2.Fall Weight
(or warm winter)
3.Winter Weight ~ spring sale extra 5% off!

Premium White Goose Down Duvet 

1.Summer~recommended for 22~28deg C
2.Spring/Fall (Warm Winter) ~ 15~23 deg C
3.Winter ~ 12~18 deg C

Made with White Goose Down these are exceptionally soft and comfortable duvets. Stay warm during the winter season with  White Goose Down duvet. Double stitching with Fully pipped edges.

Our natural fill duvets have true baffle box construction with walls; this keeps the filling evenly distributed and prevents cold spots. For extra softness and comfort they have down proof 100% cotton cambric covers.

Available in 2 warmth level and 5 different sizes; if you prefer a fuller, `well made` look, choose a duvet a size larger than your bed size.

Single (92cm bed) 140 x 210cm
Double (122cm bed) 180 x 210cm
Queen (153cm bed) 210 x 210cm
King (183cm bed) 260 x 220cm

For Sizes & pricing, please check below.

For more information about down, check out our knowledge corner: Tips on Down.

White Goose Down Duvet ~ pass Zero Smell Test with Oketex-100
Construction Small 9x9" / 12x12" Baffle Box Construction
Shell Cotton Down Proof Cover
Filling White Goose Down



~ PASS Zero Smell Test with Oketex-100 ~

Price List
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Premium White Goose Down Duvet ~ pass Zero Smell Test with Oketex-100
Dimension Net Fill Weight


Sale 15% off

Single ~ Stitched through 140x210cm Summer HKD1,180 HKD980
Double ~ Stitched through 180x210cm Summer HKD1,380 HKD1,160
Queen ~ Stitched through 210x210cm Summer HKD1,480 HKD1,260
King ~ Asia Pacific ~ Stitched  240x210cm Summer HKD1,560 HKD1,320
King ~ Stitched through 260x220cm Summer HKD1,630 HKD1,380
Single ~ Baffle boxed 140x210cm Spring/Fall HKD1,770 HKD1,490
Double ~ Baffle boxed 180x210cm Spring/Fall HKD2,000 HKD1,690
Queen ~ Baffle boxed 210x210cm Spring/Fall HKD2,460 HKD2,080
King ~ Asia Pac ~ Baffle Boxed 240x210cm Spring/Fall HKD2,520 HKD2,120
King  ~ Baffle Boxed 260x220cm  Spring/Fall HK$2,900 HK$2,450

**** Spring Sale Extra 5% off ****

Single ~ Baffle Boxed 140x210cm Winter HK$2,740 HK$2,190
Double ~ Baffle Boxed 180x210cm Winter HKD3,200 HKD2,560
Queen ~ Baffle Boxed 210x210cm Winter HKD3,480 HKD2,780
King ~ Asia Pac ~ Baffle Boxed 240x210cm Winter HKD3,680 HKD2,940
King ~ Baffle Boxed 260x220cm Winter HKD3,990 HKD3,190
Queen ~ Stitched + Baffle Boxed 210x210cm Four Seasons HKD3,880 HKD3,100
King ~ Stitched + Baffle Boxed 260x220cm Four Seasons HKD4,310 HKD3,440
Delivery at 3% (min apply), available to most city areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and N. T.;  Island areas require special arrangement. 
Please contact us for more information.

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