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Tell us your sleeping needs, we offer wide comfortable bed mattress  solution from 12" luxurious Plush Independent pocket coil mattress to foldable 4" Spinal Care Firm Foam mattress, natural futon mattress for Hong Kong bed frames, custom mattress sizes available.

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Mattress Comfort level:  Nice &  Plush

President tm 
6 Stars
Nice & Plush 8cm* Ultra Thick Pillow Top Soft and Supportive 
12 inches thick Independent pocket coil (Hybrid) mattress

Pamper yourself with unmatched  Posturepedic Thick Pillow top  Comfort

Exclusive appeal with ultra cushioned lumber support, we are proud to present our best top 8cm Ultra Thick Pillow-top Posturepedic Mattress. From the moment you lie down, it provides unmatched total relaxation soothing your tired body with our ultra thick pillow top comfort layer & fully encased to provide one of the best  “uninterruptible” relaxation to your body means you will enjoy deep calm rest with great comfort & support.

Product Feature

1. Very High Density Independent Pocket Coil System
2. Ultra Thick 8cm* PillowTop Comfort
3. 12" thick for a luxurious high bed mattress
4. Best comfort and support.
*approximately 8cm
ISO9002 built quality

Mattress Comfort level:  Medium soft

New 6 Star tm 
Hotel Style Soft Euro Top Box
Independent Pocket Coil Spring (Hybrid) Mattress
10 inch thick for most bed types

Our contemporary Euro top cushioning mattress provides top soft comfort and support for your daily dream. Sturdily built with best  “uninterruptible” independent pocket coil system provides great support and relaxation to a good quality sleep for Hong Kong busy urban life. 

Product Feature

1. Very High Density Independent Pocket Coil System
2. Thick Contemporary Euro Top Construction
3. 10" thick for a modern high bed mattress
4. Great comfort and supportive
ISO9002 built quality 

Mattress Comfort level: Medium Firm

10" Thick 
5 Stars tm Classic
Double Sided (Hybrid)
Firm Medium Comfort

Our 5 Starstm Classic mattress provides a special dual side medium firm back care comfort for daily sweet dream. You can swap to use other side due to unexpected hygiene needs. Sturdily built with high density interlock system provides excellent medium firm support for your daily refreshing sleep. 

Product Feature

1. High Density Interlock System
2. Thick 10" Comfort
3. Special Dual Side Same Comfort Construction mattress
4. Reasonably Heavy

ISO9002 built


4" Thick 
Foldable foam Mattress
Firm or Medium Comfort


Please shop below for Hong Kong Contemporary Mattress Collection

Healthy Firm 9cm Foldable Foam Mattress

Great value from HK$1190 to HK$1990
Online Mattress 


Bunk Bed Size: 76x183 cm

HKD1,180 HKD1190 9 cm
Single Bed Size: 92x183 / 190 cm HKD1,480 HKD1390 9 cm
Double Bed Size: 122x183 / 190 cm  HKD1,700 HKD1580 9 cm
Large Double Bed Size: 137x190 cm HKD1,860 HKD1790 9 cm
Queen Bed Size: 152x190 / 198 cm HKD2,100 HKD1990 9 cm
Medium Comfort 10cm Thick Foldable Foam Mattress

* MEDIUM Comfort not hard nor firm

Great value from HK$1590 to HK$2680
Online Mattress 



92x183 / 190 cm HKD1,860 HKD1,590 10 cm
122x183 / 190 cm  HKD2,100 HKD1,790 10 cm
137x190 cm HKD2,200 HKD1,980 10 cm
152x190 / 198 cm HKD2,480 HKD2,280 10 cm
182x190 / 198 cm HKD2,850


10 cm
Medium Firm Memory Foam Spring Coil Mattress

* Medium Firm Comfort with support
* for light and medium weight adults and kids
* 22 cm Thick

Great value from HK$2690 to HK$4390
Online Mattress 



92x183 / 190 cm HKD3,290 HK$2,690 22cm
122x183 / 190 cm  HKD4,390 HK$3,390 22cm
137x190 cm HKD4,890 HK$3,890 22cm
152x198cm HKD4,890 HK$4390 22cm
Classic 5 Star
tm "Double Side" Spring Coil Mattress

* Medium Firm Comfort with support
* Use Double Side 25cm Thick
Online Mattress 



92x183 / 190 cm HKD5,290 HK$3,990 25cm
122x183 / 190 cm  HKD6,180 HK$4,690 25cm
137x190 cm HKD7,390 HK$5,590 25cm
152x190 / 198 cm HKD8,190 HK$6,190 25cm
182x190 / 198 cm HKD9,320


Luxurious 6 Star
tm EuroTop
High Density Independent Pocket Coil Spring Mattress

* Luxurious Medium Soft with support
Online Mattress
Sale Price


92x183 / 190 cm HKD6,990


122x183 / 190 cm HKD8,290


137x190 cm HKD9,190


152x190 / 198 cm  HKD10,290


182x190 / 198 cm HKD11,990



Luxurious President tm 6-Star
tm Ultra Pillow Top
High Density Independent Pocket Coil Spring Mattress

* Nice PLUSH Comfy
* About 8 cm Ultra Thick Pillow Top 
* Ultra thick 12" for your luxurious needs

* suitable for heavier customers
Online Mattress 
Sale Price

 Very Thick

137x190 cm HKD12,900


152x190 / 198 cm  HKD13,990


182x190 or 198 cm HKD14,990


12" normal delivery within 7 days.
Urgent request possible our fastest same day to Central (surcharge apply and best effort basis).
Booking on specific date and time frame available

*All body weight suggestion is base on best estimate and experience, comfort is very personal and different body shape also have different needs, please make appointment soon to try out the best comfort for you!

10 years Limited Manufacturer Warranty*
- 1 year free repair & replace for manufacturer defect of the system coil. Depreciation apply thereafter. Extra delivery fee apply. Foam mattress has no coil warranty not applicable. Details refer terms & conditions.

Always Try Before Purchase

We make sure all items are new and be responsible to our environment for our future generations.

1. Bedding products are not returnable as it's very personal so to make all goods are new for each customer, once bag opened are not returnable. We do not resell refurbished items. All our items are brand new from production.

2. It is more environmental friendly & hygiene to our society to avoid easily dumping such huge piece of home furniture like a king mattress  thus we do not offer trial 100 days nor return. Furthermore, we cannot find local charities to accept second hand every month or so nor sizes could be matching for such possibilities. 

Please visit us to try out before purchase. 

Usage & Maintanence

1) Use water resistance/ water proof/ hypoallergenic mattress protector and sheets for daily hygiene.
2) do not jump. 
3) avoid putting pressure on same point or area as mattress is designed to distribute the weight over the mattress area.
4) avoid any hard objects to scratch the surface (even diamond ring and gold watches :)

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DB. very happy with 6 Star mattress & bedding, are sleeping much better now :) (President model)

Sheung Wan, the mattress is great! (President model)

Central. very pleased with the purchase (incl. beddings) as well as our service and have recommended friend who bought too :) (President + Star model) 

Macau. very happy! (President model) 

Pok Fu Lam. "Thanks for the great service,  5 hours from order to delivery ! Professional and great value for money. 

Olympic, "Very satisfied with mattress bought 3 years ago." (President model)

Causeway Bay, "mattress is firm but soft and I'm finally getting a great nights sleep." (President model) 

Ap Lei Chau, "Much appreciated!" (President model) 

Wan Chai, " Your service was SOOO GOOD! The best in Hong Kong. And the mattress is fabulous. I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you!" (Star)

Central. "The mattress is very good as you promised"
(President model) 

Macau. Great mattress at great price, sleeping better and feeling less pain in back, spread word to our friends in macau! (President model) 

Tin Hau, "I am very happy with the mattress!" (President model) 

Gold Coast. "Mattress is very comfy" (Star)

South Side "Mattress very comfortable" (Super king President model) 


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